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An additional dimension with doming stickers.

Doming is an advanced printing technique which provides gifts with a long-lasting logo or text. A pre-printed sticker is provided with an epoxy resin, which consists of two components.  This bright and clear epoxy layer has both a protective as well as an enlarging effect on the full colour imprint. A doming gives the imprint, and with that the gift, a new dimension. One with a scratch resistant surface, that retains the original full colour print quality.

Infinite possibilities with doming stickers

Doming stickers are made with the highest quality materials. Because of that, they are UV and scratch resistant and hardwearing. These stickers can be produced in all shapes and sizes, making this technique highly suitable for full colour personalization of gifts that come in various shapes and sizes, for example key chains, USB sticks and fridge magnets.

The doming stickers of Doming.nl consist out of top quality materials. Besides being UV and scratch resistant and hardwearing, they are also resistant to damage by aggressive cleaning products. We produce doming stickers in every possible shape and size. Doming is for in- and outdoor use. Some examples:
•    Luxurious packages
•    Promotional gifts
•    Computer cases (Casebadges)
•    Appliances
•    Key chains
•    On cars, motorcycles and boats