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Silkscreen printing.

 Screen print is an old, yet proved to be reliable printing technique. The requested design is applied to the mesh in the screen. The mesh contains a light sensitive top layer, which both has parts that transmit light and parts that do not. The design is then exposed to a special type of ultraviolet light. The non-exposed parts are then washed off the screen, leaving the design, ready to be printed with ink. The printing ink is then pressed against the silkscreen and flows through the mesh onto the required places on the gift. This method uses a traditional way of silkscreen printing, which creates the most beautiful prints on flat surfaces. The Europromos product range contains a lot of different gifts that can be provided with a screen printed logo or text.

Forms and uses of screen print

Europromos’ promotional gifts can be screen printed in multiple colours. For example, Nylon gifts, such as umbrellas and shopping bags, but also t-shirts or caps made out of other types of textile can be provided with a screen printed logo or text.

Screen print transfer

 A text or logo is screen printed onto paper. The transfer then gets cut into the requested size and applied onto the product using a heated press.

Round screen print

 Round shaped gifts, such as pens, can be printed in round screen print. The mesh is bended so it fits around the product.