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Digital print

Detailed imprints with digital printing.

The digital print technique only recently became available for printing gifts and other promotional materials.
A special inkjet printer is used for digital print. This technique can be compared to printing with a regular colour inkjet printer.

This inkjet colour printer prints directly on the gifts.

This printing technique is particularly suitable for flat and three-dimensional surfaces, and for almost every type of material.

The biggest advantage of using this printing technique is that it will print your design razor sharp onto the gift.


Digital print is always full colour. Artwork will always be printed in CMYK, which is based on four basic colours, just as your printer at home. PMS colours will be translated to a CMYK version of that colour.

It’s possible to print high definition pictures. Even the edges of products can be printed. Because of this, larger and more detailed prints can be made than with regular pad printing.