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Ceramic transfers

Ceramic transfer

With Ceramic transfer, a logo is screen printed onto a special type of paper,

a so-called transfer screen print.

Next, this transfer is placed onto the ceramic product.

After this, the item gets baked in an oven. This oven is heated to at least 700 degrees Celsius. During the baking process, the transfer ink will fuse with the ceramics. Ceramic transfer cannot be removed after baking, your personal impression or logo is permanently embedded in the product.


Scratch resistant and durable

Because the print is baked into the product instead of printed onto it, the imprint is much more scratch resistant and durable than an average imprint on ceramics, for example on a standard printed cup.

Therefore, this technique is (in most cases) dishwasher proof and very durable. Ceramic transfer will mostly be used for the printing of cups and mugs.