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Privacy Policy

Personal information and company data
In order for us to be able to offer you our services, we will need to register some specific personal information and company data. All relevant information will, if necessary, be registered in our database.

Unsubscribing is always possible

Europromos BV uses your information to inform you by post or e-mail about placed orders, website developments, special services and about special offers of which we think are relevant to you. This will mostly be done in the form of an e-mail. If you do not want us to contact you in that way, then you can unsubscribe from our newsletter straight away by clicking the link we offer you in the e-mail itself.

Confidential treatment of information

Although not every internet user is aware of it, they all send out information from their computer systems to other computer systems. This contains information such as an IP number, type of operating system, type of internet browser, etc. This information is always available to the administrators of these computer systems or websites and can use this to improve the quality and usability of the wesbite itself. Insofar our administrator uses this information, it will solely be used to improve our website and all information will be deleted after use.


Europromos will always treat all such information confidentially and will only use it to improve the bond between company and customer. Europromos BV will not provide third parties with your information, unless this is necessary for the shipment or your order. In such cases, these third parties are not entitled to use the information for any other purpose than to deliver the order.

Cookies are small text files that a certain website automatically places on the computer of the person visiting that site. These cookies contain information such as the preferences of the visitor, so that the website can automatically confirm to those preferences with the next visit. (Temporary) Cookies can also be used for the improvement of the usability of a website. Insofar Europromos BV uses cookies, we assure you that they are only used for improving our website and we do not keep track of any individual internet use.

Links to other websites
The website of  Europromos BV contains links to external websites. These links are only included in our website as extra sources of information for our visitors. Europromos BV is neither responsible or liable for the content on other websites, nor for the protection of your privacy on these sites.