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Unique service. Samples, and more!


The minimum order quantity of Europromos is not high, they belong amongst the lowest in the market. However, Europromos understands that sometimes you wish to hold an example of a product in your hands before you choose to place a large order..


Our offer; Samples, more than just for free!

  1. Ordering a sample, additional costs: E 10,-.
  2. When purchasing 1 sample you will immediately receive a discount code worth E 15,-
  3. You can use this discount code when placing your next larger order.

Guaranteed quality and a discount on top of that!

Europromos makes giving gifts easy!


The discount code can be used with any order, if it meets the minimum order quantity.

The discount code can be used with any order, printed or unprinted.

The discount code has to expiration date.


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