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Florien Kok - Boldino BVBA, Antwerp

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An introduction to Europromos


Europromos is a website to order promotional products all over Europe. This video will give you a small introduction to what promotional products are and what Europromos stands for.


Festivals, the perfect place for your promotional products

 Soon the sun will come out and the people will storm to the parks to enjoy some precious sun, others will go to join one of the many festivals this country has to offer. 

People are willing to pay high prices to see their favourite bands, to camp and to enjoy all the great possibilities a festival can offer. This does not only mean a great weekend for the visitors, but also for you! A festival offers the perfect place for your advertisement, posters, and other expansive ways. Why don't you decide for a cheaper version instead, such as promotional products?

Research shows that promotional products are very effective

Market research agency DIMA has investigated the impact of corporate gifts and promotional products. This was commissioned by the GWW, its German umbrella organization. The research results were presented during a press conference on the occasion of the 50th PSI Trade Fair in Dusseldorf 2012. Promotional products as an effective advertising medium! A random test has been conducted amongst more than 2000 respondents, and more than 90 percent of the respondents claim to own a promotional gift and recognize the name on the product. It even gives them a positive perception of the name. This is a significantly higher score than which is given to television commercials, printed media or radio commercials. The research also shows that people do not only recognize the name on the product, but also actually use the product approximately once a day. As a result, there is actual advertising time approximately 1 time per day, for a significant period of time. This is much more advertising time than with a radio commercial that is heard approximately 1 time per day. The respondents even remember promotional gifts which were given to them 5 years ago! Such "Advertising Touch Rates" can hardly be found in traditional advertising methods such as TV, printed media and radio. Promotional products were also frequently mentioned within the "recall"-question: more than 50 percent of the respondents could remember the brand or company name. Analyses of other advertising media resulted in a brand recall of 28 percent for TV (source: ARF) and 25 to 38 percent for radio (source: RMS).